Sunday, January 1, 2017

Intro to My Music

    I know what you must be thinking-- this guy's into some kinda  HEAVY METAL music or something.  Not in the least.  I just had this idea for a funny picture-- and went with it.  Hope you get a laugh out of my skull boy.  Actually my friend Jeff { Herbie } had a sculpture in our college dorm room that was much like this-- and he actually did put his headphones around his head-- just like this picture.  So JC-- you get the credit for this one-- thanks a lot !

   I'm more into --Classic Rock--  Folk--  Pop -- Alternative -- Blues & Jazz -- Christian Rock -- those genres.  You'll see.  I'll be sharing a lot of my music through YouTube links, CD reviews, various other things-- like Interviews-- photos-- web links-- etc.   Can't wait !!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Music Update--- by GuiTarHeel

     It's been awhile since I've written anything here.   In fact--- over a year.   Any of you who are already familiar with my music-- I write a LOT of guitar instrumental music-- and a LOT of lyrics  too.   I don't often sing when I play, so many of my lyrical songs go unnoticed, or end up collecting dust in notebooks and folders.

    Many of my songs have a degree of novelty to them.  I wrote a song about Squirrels from the view on my front porch  (Squirrel's World).   I also wrote a song about sleeping (Snooze).  I'm NOT sure that everyone understands songs like these.    I don't always TRY to write an unusual song when I'm writing.   If it ends up being unusual, it's because I've experienced something unusual or different.   I enjoy writing down whatever is on my mind at the time.

   Some of my instrumental songs also are unique and different, and also have some odd or unusual titles.   I've got one that I call Warm & Fuzzy.   Another one is called Cat's Wail --- the title came because I felt like the bended blues notes sounded like cats crying.

   Awhile back, a friend caught me on video at a couple of performances.  The performances and recordings aren't professional quality, but at least they allowed me to have my songs in some sort of mode of retrieval.   

  Here are some of those SONG LINKS--- just CLICK and it will send you there.   

   I'm hoping to create some better recordings someday soon.   The biggest thing holding it up is the financial aspect.   I need some "extra" money to be able to splurge and do some recording projects.  Until such a time, I keep creating music, and sometimes recording them the best way that I can at the time.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ron Howard and The Beatles


Beatles "A Hard Day's Night" Re-Released

  I saw this recently in my local newspaper, and just had to laugh.  Sometimes the truth is often said in jest.  In this case, it's probably true.   Although, there are plenty of younger people, many times children of original Beatles fans, that are fans.

  This cartoon, no doubt, was inspired because of the re-release of "A Hard Day's Night" in theaters.  The new version of the B&W 87-minute film is being offered by Janus Films. The movie's 35mm original was restored by the Criterion Collection, and its audio re-mastered and re-mixed by Beatles producer George Martin's son Giles.

  An entire website has been set up for the re-release of this great motion picture.  If you're a Beatles fan at any level, please go check it out, and be sure to go see the movie.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


I found these on the Internet & they became part of my Guitar Class workbook. Guitars made out of strange materials or into unique objects & designs. 

--A snake guitar.
 --A foot guitar.
 --Guitar surfboard & boat.
 --5-necked & 5-pointed star guitars.
--Guitars made out of license plates & covered with fur.
 --Gumball machine.
 --A skeleton guitar.
--USA-shaped guitar.
--A beautifully engraved metallic guitar.    
 { maybe for playing metal music ? }

Sarah McLachlan : "Shine On"

      Listening to Sarah McLachlan's newest album "Shine On" shuffle-style on Spotify on my walks yesterday & today.. I really like several of the songs on her album, but I love her new song "The Sound that Love Makes". It's got a nice message & ukulele intro & solos.. i'm gonna get a ukelele soon. I want to learn uke & mandolin. ok I recommend Sarah Mac's new album to anyone. 

My Little Walking Buddies

   I don't know how I'd get by on my walks if it were not for my walking partners, my little buddies "Pandora" & "Spotify".  A friend today called them my "vicious dogs"! Yeah, they "bark" pretty loud through those headphones of mine.  But seriously, I so enjoy clicking on different favorite artists and listening to their music while I'm walking along the streets, getting my daily exercise.  It makes it so much more enjoyable.  I've already done so, but thanks to my pastor, Chris, who reminded me about PANDORA & then another friend, who told me that they were using SPOTIFY..  I got "turned on" and "tuned in" to these great music resources.

  So I've been listening on my daily walking journeys to artists like these and others :  
  • Sarah McLachlan
  • The Beatles
  • Paul McCartney 
  • Amy Grant
  • Phil Keaggy
 I'll be posting more about my walks and my newfound musical friends soon, so keep posted... Thanks a lot for checking my blog out !